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Spam Policy

This is what we consider as spam. Read this at least twice and then follow it.
Rule #1: Do not promote any referral links in a "comment" in Facebook groups or any other social media platform.  You may only post a referral link in a comment if the thread starter requests it. If we catch you spamming ref links of this program or any other, you will be banned.
***The proper way is to make a new post in advertising groups.  A NEW POST, not a comment to a post of a fellow marketer.***
It is extremely rude to fellow marketers if you post your links in your comments.
Rule #2: You will not send information or referral links about any advertising or business opportunity to people who have NOT requested it.  You will not spam your referral link (this program or any other) in social media platforms such as Youtube comments, private messages and chatrooms in Discord, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp and similar apps.  You may only advertise in appropriate advertising rooms and groups, but make sure you follow Rule #1.
Rule #3: You will not use anyone else's list to send them referral links of this program or any other program. You do not know if the list is double opt in.
Rule #4: If you compiled names of your downline members in the programs or companies you are in and then send them your offers or referral links without first introducing who you are, then you have spammed.  They did not ask to be placed on your list and they did not opt in.  The proper way is to introduce yourself as their upline before sending them your offer.
Rule #5: You may and we encourage that you use double opt in lists especially if these are first alert type of lists and you are the owner of the list.
Rule #6: If you will promote in Discord, Skype, Telegram, Whatassp, Facebook groups, forums or any other social media, please follow their respective rules regarding promotion. Posting links in inappropriate places is spam. If you promote any program in a support group of another company where they don't allow advertising, then you are spamming. Posting links repeatedly is also spam.
Rule #7: Do not post referral on comments on blog posts, comments on Youtube, etc. unless it is a specific section that allows links. To put it simply, if a person did not ask for a website, link, or opportunity, and you send it to them, then it is SPAM. IF you spam you will be banned.

No refunds to spammers.
Here is the proper way how to promote to a downline without spamming.
Step 1. You joined a program and got referrals for it.  You found their email address in the back office of the program.
Step 2. When you email them, make sure you reference how you were able to get in touch with them.  Here is a sample.
"Dear Downline,
Thank you for joining me in XYZ program.  I am your sponsor.  I got your email address from the back office.  I thought you would be interested in this other program. etc."
This act alone is what will prevent your future emails from becoming spam, because you indicated how you found them and introduced yourself.