The First True Sustainable Cycler

Cycler + Revenue Shares + External Revenue

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Our pay plan is unique and is outlined below.

12 Level Cycler
This is a 100% passive opportunity.  It is as simple as purchasing a position.  Everyone is placed at level 1 in the order of their purchase.  Every 2 purchases, triggers a cycle and the oldest position gets paid and advances to the next level.

You get your money back at the very 1st level and you'll make an immense $1,400 when you complete all the levels.

Profit from each level:
Level 1: $ 2
Level 2: $ .2
Level 3: $ .2
Level 4: $ .2
Level 5: $ .2
Level 6: $ 1
Level 7: $ 1 + $1*
Level 8: $ 2.5 + $2.5*
Level 9: $ 25 + $25*
Level 10: $ 50 + $50*
Level 11: $ 125 + $125*
Level 12: $ 500+ $500*

Revenue Shares
*Starting at Level 7, your profit is split.  You get half paid to your cash balance, and the other half is placed in a Revenue Share earning you up to 2% per day in rebates.

Level 7 - $1 Rev Share - earns up to 2% daily until  $1.10
Level 8 - $2.50 Rev Share - earns up to 2% daily until $2.75
Level 9 - $25 Rev Share - earns up to 2% daily until $27.50
Level 10 - $50 Rev Share - earns up to 2% daily until $60
Level 11 - $125 Rev Share - earns up to 2% daily until $137.50
Level 12 - $500 Rev Share - earns up to 2% daily until $600

The Revenue Share is simply not just redistributing funds to members.  It is used to Crowd Fund projects and to provide external revenue to the site.

You will always be able to check out the current projects and to further invest or get involved in if it interests you.

Every month a new pay plan will be introduced.  No one wants to join an old cycler.  As a cycler ages, it takes longer and longer to cycle. The monthly plans provide additional income and positions to the existing pay plans.

So every month there is an equal opportunity for everyone to gain massive overnight profits as well as increasing their long term earning ability.

Exit Strategy
Not everyone will reach the higher levels, but everyone will get their money back and more.  Once a plan is deemed obsolete, you will no longer be able to spend in it, but the company will continue to cycle positions until the very last position has broke even.  No one losses.

We use the profits from our external revenue to do this such as advertising revenue, crowd funded projects, and team projects or builds.

Solid Support and Foundation
We're an experienced admin team who take pleasure in joining and researching other companies and opportunities.  We've done what we deem best in reducing all the negatives and increasing the positives when it comes to a money making program.

If this sounds good to you, come join us today and together let us profit.